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March/April 2005                                                                               



From The President


Hello again friends and supporters,


As some of you know I had a chance to get back to Costa Rica in March to visit first hand with our directors in Costa Rica Harmony Patricio and Blair Bumgarner. They are doing a fantastic job and have continued to assist with and push local conservation initiatives, and work closely with the San Juan - La Selva Biological Corridor. Both Harmony and Blair showed their dedication by taking on paid positions in the community to be able to continue the work of RBG in Costa Rica.


During my time in Costa Rica I was happy to see our organization has remained in good standing with the local community and region. We have also been communicating more with visitors as Blair and Harmony have been giving regular presentations on the Great Green Macaw and local conservation initiatives to eco-tourists staying at Selva Verde Lodge. Harmony and Blair also set up Amigos de la Lapa Verde as a Costa Rican Association, and local ticos will now run the Costa Rican branch of our organization. You should have received the 2004 Annual Report and we have attached the 2005 Work Plan for your review and information in this newsletter, which happens to be my last as President.


In 2005 along with our name change, we will also for the first time have a new president and executive director. Harmony Patirico was unanimously approved to take the reigns of the organization. I will remain on board, literally, as Vice President, Blair Bumgarner will be the 2005 treasuerer, and Bobbie Webster will remain as Secretary for the time being. Bill Volker, Russ Rothman, and Carl Leopold will head our advisory board and act as the tie-breaking vote if and when necessary.


Please note that as Harmony and Blair will be living in California, as I will be for the next four months, the organizations post address will probably change in the near future so please be on the look out for that change. We will



Andrew Rothman

President and Executive Director




Costa Rica Update

By Harmony Patricio and Blair Bumgarner

RBG 2005 Work Plan

1. Obtain a total of 30 paid members for 2005 for a total of $525 (15 family, 15 student)

2. Present a total of 11 educational presentations in US about Great Green Macaw, Rainforest Biodiversity Group and Habitat Conservation in Costa Rica in 2005

3. Present a total of 15 educational presentations in Costa Rica or various subjects to various audiences in 2005

4. Submit a total of 5 proposals for funding of organization and associated projects in 2005

5. Support the protection of 4 Great Green Macaw nests via Adopt-a-Nest Program (each nest take $500).

6. Obtain 10 donations of $100 for Adopt-a-Nest Program

7. Participate in 8 of 11 CBSS meetings in 2005

8. Assist with the Organization of the 2005 Bi-national Macaw Festival

9. Give one presentation during the 2005 Bi-national Macaw Festival

10. Participate in half (5 or 6) of CRENASA meetings in 2005

11. Conduct 10 RBG Board meetings in 2005

12. Conduct 1 Annual Board Meeting in 2005

13. Produce 2004 Annual Report

14. Plant or purchase and donate a total of 100 native species saplings in Costa Rica at any location in 2005

15. Conduct economic feasibility study of Sna Juan - La Selva Bird Route within in CBSS in 2005

16. Secure 4 volunteers from outside of Costa Rica to work within Costa Rica in 2005

17. Host 2 -4 independent study Research Volunteers in 2005

18. Establish realations with CATUSA, National Eco-tourism Board, ICT and other tourism institutions in 2005

19. Identify 2 sources of funding for development of nature tourism projects on private properties in 2005

20. Update Volunteer Manual and Policies in 2005

21. Identify 2 -4 new sites for Bird Route in 2005 (minimum property size 40 hect.)

Minimal Budget 2005: $2200

Volunteers 2005:


a. Assist with development of Nature Tourism w/ in CBSS

b. Assist with functioning of Local Amigos de la Lapa Verde

c. Participate in meetings

d. Continue communication with current and potential Bird Route Sites

e. Identify 2 -4 new sites for Bird Route in 2005

f. Plant and or purchase 100 native species saplings

Rain Ranch Requirements:

a. Must have at least 2 people staying at Rain Ranch for any volunteers staying longer than one month

b. Must have someone to introduce volunteer to site, coordinate needs and communicate with US

c. Volunteers will cover expenses including food, gas, and transportation. We will only provide board.

d. If have coordinator in Costa Rica coordinating volunteers, we will charge a $20 volunteer fee to pay for the coordinator

Organization will provide cleaning supplies

Events Update

� No events currently planned???


Here we will note items or things that would be of great use to RBG. Please let us know if you can help provide them. Each item will receive a value that can be used as a tax-deduction.

The Wish List:
Color Printer Computer (laptop or desktop)
Digital Camera
Pad Locks
Office Supplies (Manila and regular envelopes, printer paper, pens, pencils, etc)

Thanks for your help!!!

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