Friends of the Great Green Macaw, Inc.


Newsletter 8, No.1, Vol. 2                                                                September 2002                                   


Welcome back to the Friends of the Great Green Macaw Newsletter, and the beginning of our second year of distributing of this newsletter.   Here, once again, we keep you updated with our latest activities and proposals, as well as, catching you up on those that spent this past summer in Costa Rica with us. Enjoy, and thanks for sticking with us!  Welcome back students!

Andrew Rothman ñ President


Friends developing idea of Bird Trail in Costa Rica


The newest project brewing on the horizon for Friends of the Great Green Macaw is the planning of a birding trail in Costa Rica.  The idea is just beginning to form, and research is just starting on this new idea for Costa Rica.  The plan would link important bird habitats from Nicaragua to the central mountain range in Costa Rica (the area also proposed as the Rio San Juan ñ La Selva Biological Corridor).  Much research in Costa Rica is needed including site inventory and selection, interviews with experienced birders and hotels, and community relations. 

This project is becoming the focus of Friends as our reforestation project is near completion.  We still plan to continue our projects at El Retorno, but we are also planning to initiate more projects off the farm, in order to protect additional habitat for the Great Green Macaw.


Vehicle Fund

To be able to initiate and follow through will the development of this project we must obtain transportation.  For this we have created a vehicle fund to raise money a four-wheel drive truck.  We hope to raise between $10,000 -$15,000 for a vehicle needed to help create the Rio San Juan ñ La Selva Corridor Bird Trail.  We are asking for donations of $50 or more for the vehicle fund.  Stay tuned to see what happens and how far we can go. Help it happen!


News and Notes


River Edge Nature Center Hosts Friends of the Great Green Macaw

On August 6th, 2002, Andrew Rothman gave a presentation to the River Edge Bird Club in West Bend, WI.  The presentation, given to over 30 people, was well received.  We thank the River Edge Bird Club and its members for their invitation and for their $100 donation to Friends.


Website Gets Makeover!

Finally our website has all the information you have been looking for.  Visit to find out more information on each of our many projects, the Great Green Macaw and itsí conservation issues, and our continued fundraising efforts.  Also view our annual report for 2001-2002.



Buenos Dias from Stevens Point, WI

The summer for Friends in Stevens Point has been fairly relaxing since many of our active members have been very busy.  Becky Guenther, Lisa Wetterlin, and Scott Hocking were working hard on the farm all summer, John Borgen and Bobbie Webster completed a six-week UWSP field work course, and Colleen Coy began dancing professionally for a Madison modern dance company!  So needless to say we are proud of everyoneís accomplishments and are very excited to have most of our active members back and ready to tackle our future plans.


One of our first priorities will be to establish student organization status with UWSP.  This will allow us to recruit new student members and interns more easily, have sales and information booths on campus, and utilize the universityís endless resources, including supportive professors.  We plan to have most of our meetings on campus, as well, to allow us more space and the opportunity to advertise our group.  We hope to see some new faces at meetings!


Another future goal weíve planned is to continue to promote awareness of our cause through educational presentations.  We hope to work with schools again, but in addition plan to approach more local businesses and community groups.  Friends is in need of people who are willing to donate what they can, such as binoculars for the farm, and we hope to find those people through our educational outreach presentations.


So far the members in Stevens Point plan to continue with our bi-annual benefit concert.  Currently, we are looking for a band willing to volunteer their time and will take it from there!


I hope that everyoneís summer was fulfilling and that you remember to renew your memberships when the time comes!


Lynne Currie

Stevens Point Coordinator




Memberships Update

Memberships are annual, and are good for one year from the month you join.  We hope those members who joined Friends of the Great Green Macaw previous to August 2001, continue to support us financially and renew their memberships.  As a reminder that your membership renewal is nearing, we will soon be sending you reminder postcards in the mail. 

Also, many people who receive this newsletter are not official paid members.  If

everyone became paid members it would help us continue to house volunteers and interns in Costa Rica for months or help us buy a solar panel.  We ask that all non-paying readers of this newsletter help support us financially.  Single memberships are just $10 and Family memberships are $25.  We will send you an official membership certificate as soon as we hear from you.  Thanks you for your support!




Great Green Macaw Merchandise Available


If you havenít heard Friends of the Great Green Macaw have T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and patches in four colors available.  Show your support of Friends of the Great Green Macaw to worldÖif you havenít yet!


100% Organic Cotton Tís = $10

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Order yours today!

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Look forward to next month for articles from Friends 2002 Summer Interns.