Reasons Why Tree Stumps Should Be Removed

Not all people realize that stumps can be troublesome. But the more you get used to seeing a tree stump, the more likely you are to ignore it and all its underlying issues. The problems won’t be visible now. But it will make you regret a lot of things about it in the years to come. 

Why should you take care of that stump once and for all? Below are the reasons that would convince you to do so. It’s highly recommended that you call an expert in tree stump removal Columbus GA to get the job done in no time.  

1. Tree stumps negatively affect your curb appeal.  

Nobody wants to see a dead tree stump lying in front of your otherwise stunning property. While you may not realize it, a tree stump is the last thing that a person wants to see in a yard. Unfortunately, it’s also the first thing that they remember about it. Removing a tree stump is a no-brainer. It’s a matter of boosting your home’s curb appeal, which means enhancing the overall look and feel of your home. 

2. Tree stumps are accident-prone.  

A tree stump is a matter of safety. Aside from aesthetic reasons, tree stumps can be dangerous for you, your family, and other guests. Children will easily run into tree stumps and hurt themselves. Even if the tree stump is visible, it’s still a risk.  Remember that you’re responsible for anybody who slips, trips, r crashes on that tree stump. It can be a costly problem too, not to mention stressful and time-consuming ones to deal with.  

3. Tree stumps are lawn maintenance issues.  

Aside from the risk of trip and fall, tree stumps are a problem with landscape maintenance. It’s not unlikely that the tree stumps will be hit by your lawnmower, which can either harm the device or the person operating the device. Because of the tree stumps, it becomes a difficult to weed and mows your landscape.  

4. Tree stumps become the home of pests.  

Since bugs and rodents cling to these stumps, then it means you have yet another problem to consider. Your tree stumps can invite unwanted pests and insects to your home. Stumps take a very long time to fully degrade. That’s why there’s a lot of time for pests to habituate it and breed to alarming levels. If you don’t want to deal with termites, rodents, mosquitoes, and bees, you better remove that stump.   

5. Tree stumps may lead to new tree growth.  

Even if you can’t see it now, that tree stumps may lead to new tree sprouts from the ground. As they begin to appear, they will contribute to growing into small trees. These are not nice to look at. It could affect the overall look of your otherwise well-manicured lawn. 

There’s no good reason for you to keep that tree stump on your lawn. These reasons should be good enough for you call a tree care expert and get them to either remove or grind the tree stump that’s sitting on your lawn. 

How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

Many homeowners ask how long it takes to replace a roof. However, nobody can give them a definitive answer to that. But to possibly know how long, all you have to do is request a quote from a trusted roofing contractor.  

All homeowners should realize that not all estimates are final. A roofing contractor may predict that it will take them two weeks to finish a project, but it could take longer given certain situations, circumstances, and conditions that may interrupt the job. All of these should be duly considered as well.  

Why Does it Take Long to Complete a Roofing Project? 

The most common cause of delay is bad weather. Since it’s a factor that interferes with work, you must consider the season when hiring a roofing contractor. It’s best to hire them if the weather conditions are favorable. Essentially, it’s best to have flexible plans and expectations when starting a roof replacement project. 

Roofers may also find it necessary to do more work than what was originally stated in your estimate. This happens if they discover certain structural damage to your roof that was only revealed after the project was started. These situations may also prolong your roof replacement project. 

How to Go About Roof Replacement  

The best approach is to ask the roofer the project’s length. While you’re at it, you should obtain several estimates from different service providers so you can select the right contractors for the project. Compare all the quotes of each service provider, paying attention to the timeline of the time they need to finish the project. Considering the time frame the roofer has provided you, making the right choice becomes easier. Pick the service provider that can work along with your timeframe. 

If the roofer says that it will take a couple of days to finish the project, and it’s not acceptable because you have other plans, then find the best schedule so you can supervise their work yourself. This should make it easier for you to hire experts in roofing Cape Girardeau. Allow yourself a lot of time to finish the project. Add some allowance for emergency cases, like poor weather. You should also make time for any other job that needs to be finished.  

How to Hire the Best Roofing Contractors  

There are different service providers around you who say that they can fix your roof. However, you must be very careful when choosing which service provider to hire because you want to get the best possible results for your project. This is only possible if you’re working with reputable companies and individuals. 

Perform due diligence when researching the background of the service contractor. Stay clear of fly-by-night companies that are only concerned about taking your money and won’t give you the results that you expected. There are watchdogs that can help you in making sure that you’re only dealing with legitimate companies and not unscrupulous individuals.