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Dec. 2003                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


            December 2003 marks Friends of the Great Green Macaws’3rd Anniversary.  In looking back, FGGM has been able to assist with the conservation of the Great Green macaw, its habitat and biodiversity in many ways.  We have planted and cared for thousands of native saplings that will grow and produce food and nest sites for innumerable species in the future.  We have spread the word of the plight of the Great Green Macaw, talking with and educating students, volunteers, and tourists from across the world.  We have given numerous volunteers and intern the opportunity to work for the conservation of the tropical rain forest in Costa Rica. We have also created a network of friends and associates that continue to work to protect the remaining habitat of the Great Green Macaw


            We look forward to our 4th year as an organization and to continue our conservation and community work in Costa Rica.  Our focus for the coming year will be on the development of the Costa Rican Bird Route: Section San Juan – La Selva.  In this newsletter we look to the future and again update you on recent events.  Happy Holidays to all of you from the staff and board of Friends of the Great Green Macaw.



Andrew Rothman



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Costa Rica Bird Route Update

As of March 1 2004, after three years of voluntarily directing FGGM in Costa Rica, Andrew Rothman will be stepping down as the active director in Costa Rica, and the Costa Rica Bird Route Project Director.  To continue the project we will be hiring a volunteer/ Intern Project Director for a period of 6 -7 months.  We have received resumes from many highly qualified applicants from around the world (Nepal to Argentina to Canada), and hope to have our selection made by the end of 2003. 

Following this transition period we hope to have funds to hire a full time paid Project Director for a one year term.  Currently we do not have funding to accomplish this and thus this is our main funding need.  We are seeking a minimal salary of $500 to $1000 a month, or $6 -$12,000 per year for this position.  If we do not raise these funds then the FGGM led Costa Rica Bird Route would be in jeopardy of crumbling. It is imperative that we obtain these funds to be able to take the project to a point where it can continue on its own.   For this we are setting up a separate donation fund for this Project Director position and in addition we will continue writing grants to obtain the needed funds.


Update San Juan – La Selva Biological Corridor / Maquenque National Park

Over the weekend of Nov 21 -24, FGGM joined the other members of the Executive Committee of the San Juan – La Selva Corridor for a workshop and exchange with ASEPALECO, a conservation group working in the Nicoya Peninsula.  This workshop included meetings and presentations, a visit to a locally managed recycling and waste disposal site, the Karen Mogensen Reserve, and community and school reserves that ASPEALECO manage.

The event was well hosted and valuable insight to conservation and community development in Costa Rica was gained by all involved.


BTT Update

At BTT volunteers come and volunteers go. In 2003 we had over 20 volunteers from 13 countries at BTT.

At this moment, our German friend Nora will be leaving this month after finishing up her reforestation data collection, yet once again we will have new volunteers arriving at the beginning of the New Year.  Amanda Ferrer will be coming to develop a tourism plan for the farm, and Nadia Jimenez will join Miguel Galdiz and Ken Pederson who remain at BTT developing agro-forestry plots and inventorying the properties flora and fauna. 

In addition Jack Hewitt may join the team to assist with construction in the up coming dry season, and Geordie Beck is confirmed to do the same in February.

Our volunteer program at BTT is now filled until the end of March.  We will be again receiving new volunteers this spring.  In the coming dry season we will improve the living conditions at the farm and a new house may be built which would allow us to host even more volunteers. Stay tuned.



Stevens Point Chapter Update

Due to a lack of new members, the Friends of the Great Green Chapter at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point will be dissolving. We hope to still receive support from students and the community, and that we continue to have benefit concerts in Stevens Point.  We also hope to continue to give presentations to the Costa Rica Winterm Program, and receive volunteers and interns from UWSP. It is disappointing that we could not get more students from a University with a huge College of Natural Resources to become more involved in tropical ecosystem conservation.  It is also disappointing as this University is where Friends of the Great Green Macaw began.  However, change is inevitable and in spite of this loss our organization continues to grow in other ways.


Planning for III Bi-national Macaw Festival Continues

Planning for the III annual Bi-national Macaw Festival continues in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  The festival received a set back when it did not receive funding for a third year from UNDP.  However the festival will go on, and it is planned for April 16, 17, and 18 in our very own home base of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui. 



By the end of the month we will have update our website.  We will have added and updated our information and projects, as well as have added a large batch of new photos to view in our gallery.  We invite you all to come back and revisit our site at



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.  Talk to you around Valentines Day. !!